Every Tuesday my husband volunteers with my brothers’ Boy Scout Troop. While he is off re-living his Eagle Scout days the little boys and I get to hang out with “MeMa.”

This past week MeMa had been raving about Avocado toast so this was our dinner plan. It did not go quite like we imagined…

First, one avocado was a little past saving so she tried hers with a pre-made container of guacamole – bad choice – do not try this at home folks. So only I was to enjoy avocado. Then the fried eggs stuck in the pan no matter how much the pan was greased. Sigh…. an unplanned popped egg is the worst!

Finally, we managed to salvage one egg for my toast. I was hungry, drooling, ready to take a bite of this lusciously green avocado and egg mixture spread across a piece of divine bread… but first a sprinkle of salt… and a grind of pepper….

This beautiful moment was ruined by the breaking of the pepper grinder – an entire bottle of peppercorns dumped over the entirety of two slices of toast! Yes, I managed to scrape off a good amount but this tasty treat was a little too peppery and not as good as my dreams.

Fast forward to this morning…

In my own home, with my own pan (that also likes to pop all unpopped things) and a kinder pepper grinder – I managed press on, overcome pan obstacles and to finally experience this delicious and simple meal.

For those of you who detest avocado then this will classify as one of those weird dieting foods you absolutely do not want to try (carrot raisin salad is one of those for me) but for those who love avocado as much as I then this is a wonderful, simple, healthy food that will bring you joy as much as it did me!

Avocado Toast
High fiber bread – (I love Silver Hills The Big 16 bread from Costco – it has 5 grams of fiber and only 1 gram of sugar per slice and it tastes great!)
Salt and Pepper

Use anywhere from a half to a whole avocado depending on size and how many slices of bread is being used. Mash it in a bowl.
Heat a small pan on medium high with a little bit of oil (safflower oil is a healthier good oil to use). Add egg to pan and start toasting bread. Cook egg to your preference – I prefer mine a little runny but not too runny.

Spread avocado on toast, top with fried egg and sprinkle with a little salt and pepper. Sink your mouth into yum! For breakfast I eat one slice but if this is your dinner or lunch then you can double up with 2 pieces of toast each topped with an egg.

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