For a few years now I have been hearing and reading the benefits of green tea – especially how it helps with the burning of belly fat (which I need help with). I have tried it a few times but just can’t get over the feeling of being a… horse? Yes I went there, and as I’m sure you’ve heard before, it tastes like grass or hay to me. I just can’t like it no matter how much I want to!

I am of the mind I only want to eat what I love or what brings me joy. In this instance I love coffee, not tea, and especially not Green Tea. Well a couple months ago my husband was listening to the radio and John Tesh mentioned he drinks Green Tea in his coffee… can anyone say eww!? Exactly what my thought was…

Fast forward a few months and what do you think I’m going to share with you? If you don’t like green tea but you love coffee drink them together! Yes it tastes a little different but not enough to keep me from burning some belly fat.

All you need is a cup of coffee and a green tea bag, let steep for 30 seconds. Add a little Half & Half and a sprinkle of cinnamon (which also is supposedly really good for you). Now you know my new morning routine. Maybe you will feel so inclined to try it out…

Coffee & Green Tea

2 thoughts on “Green Tea Coffee?

  1. Autumn, I too have an odd relationship with tea. I used to really love it until I figured out how to make coffee that I enjoy– now I’m crazy about coffee! What I’ve found with tea, though, is that quality is really important (just as it is with coffee). I like Rishi and Numi teas. Those companies are ethical and very careful in their product selection. They’re more expensive, but they taste so much better. I like certain teas better during certain seasons, too. Jasmine green tea from Numi is my favorite in spring and summer. Vanilla-mint pu-erh is my favorite when it’s cold. Anyway, it’s fun to experiment with different caffeinated drinks, and it’s good that you found a concoction that you enjoy!


    1. Thank you for the response! I really would like to enjoy tea as well as coffee. I’ll definitely be trying your suggestions! I’m sure Caleb will love them too – he is a big tea drinker 🙂


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