I love to celebrate holidays – even the ones in between the major holidays. With a goal to eat healthier foods and less goodies I decided to cut back on baking… gasp! Now though, I have every intention of planning my meals and baking days around the holidays – I use Checkiday to see what each day holds for me!

Yesterday, March 11th, happened to be Oatmeal Nut Waffle Day so we tried this new waffle recipe for dinner – sorry for the lack of pictures – I can testify they were yummy and healthier (in a good way).

One celebration today was Baked Scallops Day but since I’m trying to use what I have in my kitchen I opted to celebrate Girl Scout Day instead… with a pan of Tagalong Cookie Bars from the blog Tidy Mom. I followed her recipe exactly but had to use crunchy peanut butter instead of creamy because it’s all I had. Still delicious!


Since I don’t like paying so much for cookies I prefer to make them at home. These didn’t let me down either!

Or this guy… DSC_0195


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