With Jeffrey, my 2.5 year old, I tried doing the whole cloth diapering system. I hated it. Having to do anything with poopy diapers beyond tossing them in the trash was not my thing. Funny enough my husband REALLY wanted to stick with cloth – and yes he does change diapers!


I had a couple nice expensive diaper covers and then a few cheaper ones off Ebay (from China). I could never get the cloth part put together right and they would leak. So I gave up – kept my non-stained cloth diapers for future baby burp rags and sold everything else.

Fast forward to present day – 9 month old Jack.


I had planned to stick with disposable because it’s convenient but we are budgeting the Dave Ramsey way (which I highly recommend) and diapers really add up!

I know in the long run cloth diapering saves a lot of money but it sure feels like you have to spend a fortune on all the needed supplies – like fancy cute covers and inserts – before you start seeing the benefits.

Then my mom was at the store and called me, “they have all the cloth diapering stuff here I used with you as a baby”… 27 years ago. What brand? Gerber! Hmm.. those are not worthy of my babies bottom…

Wait… Inexpensive? We have ourselves a deal. Bring on the cloth diapering.


I am here to tell all you parents debating this issue (there’s got to be at least one of you out there) – struggling with the idea of spending so much on fancy covers – plain, boring, white Gerber covers work splendid. And Jack plays just as easily as he did before… just has a little more cushion, that’s all!

I use these Gerber pre-folds (they are a thinner gauze), these thicker pre-folds, and these Gerber plastic covers (cheaper at Wal-mart than Amazon). You can use old-fashioned diaper safety pins or these Snappi Cloth Diaper Fasteners (which I love so the little extra expense is worth it in this instance).

I like the kite fold best and then use a thick pre-fold for extra protection.

DSC_0389 Here is a video of how to do a kite fold.

Cloth has won me over – just as long as I have rubber gloves for the poopy situations!


Isn’t he darn cute? It’s the baby that makes the diaper… not the other way around!

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