Today was a double holiday at our home. Not only was it Pi Day it was Potato Chip Day!

I made potato chips for the first time and they turned out so good! Beautiful little deep fried fat nuggets. We will probably save this goody for Potato Chip Day only… they are pretty addicting.

Perfectly crunchy…


with a sprinkle of salt and pepper…


Would you like one?

DSC_0369 As for Pi Day. That is a whole different story… kind of embarrassing actually.

I am usually a pie crust pro but happened to take a phone call as I was measuring the shortening and left out 3/4 cup. Thankfully it still tasted good, the texture wasn’t too off but it was UGLY – definitely not blog worthy – you all would not come back!

Soon I will redeem myself. You’ll see!


Anyways we went savory this year and enjoyed a beef pot pie. It was delicious! The link will take you to the recipe I followed. I did add a few cloves of garlic and only used the onion, celery, carrots and potatoes but not the frozen vegetables listed. The seasonings were great and just a little more of the gravy would have made it a perfect meal (minus my crust!).

I will hold off sharing my crust recipe until I actually can prove – with pictures – I am capable.

Happy Pi Day! Happy Potato Chip Day!


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