St.Paddy2[1]My family has always celebrated St. Patrick’s Day – I have fond memories of notes and treats left by our very own Leprechaun.


I have carried on the tradition in my own home but this year was even more special because through AncestryDNA I found out I am 33% Irish! How fun is that?

Our own little Leprechaun visited tonight. Using my Cricut I made a Leprechaun with a pot of gold. I taped him to the window, snapped a picture, then removed him.


When Caleb came home I had them sit on the couch so I could take a “picture.” Then I told Jeffrey, “Did you see that!? There was a Leprechaun in the window!” He was looking around trying to see – so I showed him the image on my camera as if I had captured a picture before the Leprechaun disappeared.

This is what the Leprechaun left on the window ledge (drawings by Caleb).

“Hi Little Jeffrey, Hi Little Jack, I brought you a treat – just follow the map! Love Your Leprechaun.”

Clue #1:

DSC_0491The picture led Jeffrey to his bed – following a trail of Jelly Beans and some mini M&Ms for Jack.


Clue #2:



He was thrilled with his little chocolate bar.


Clue #3 was the keyboard.


And here is the Pot of Gold with their little treats and a note:

“Yay, You found it, I hope you enjoy. Thank you for being such nice little boys!”

Jeff said, “Oh wow.”

DSC_0506They were too enthralled to actually look at the camera – I can understand why… rice crispy treats, green chocolate chip M&Ms, flavored straws and $2 each for a trip to the Dollar Store.

DSC_0509I spent so much time getting things ready I was a bit delayed on dinner but thankfully it all turned out!

Irish Soda Bread and Corned Beef with Cabbage and potatoes.


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