After yesterday I had a plate of chocolate chip cookies and rice crispy treats sitting on my counter … so that’s pretty much what I snacked on today.

Jeffrey requested a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch so I tried a recipe I had pinned for an Irish Soda Bread Grilled Cheese Sandwich.


Can you say yummy?

Then in honor of National Lacy Oatmeal Cookie Day – which I didn’t want to celebrate because I am sugared out – I made exactly that. I planned to freeze the extra cookies for Caleb’s lunches because I couldn’t skip a holiday!

There were no eggs in the recipe so Jeffrey tried the cookie dough – yes, ever since having kids I’ve become one of “those” mothers – no raw eggs for this kiddo.


What the recipe did call for, butter, I did not use. I used shortening and later realized that was a mistake.

So my failed cookies were turned into an apple crisp topping!


I went from not wanting to make dessert at all – to a failed attempt at cookies – to a whole Apple Crisp sitting on my counter!

We are out of bread so at least I have something to tide us over until we go to the grocery store… ha!

I ended my evening by tripping over a laundry basket and falling into Jeffrey’s room on my way to tuck him in.

I think all this happened subconsciously to celebrate Awkward Moments Day.

It was really not that funny but for some reason as I retold my story to Caleb I laughed so hard I was practically crying!

I think I need some sleep.

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