Today is National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day so I decided to make them at home… the chocolate covered part… not the raisins.

Right as I was slowly melting the chocolate chips on the stove my husband called and BAM! I overcooked the chocolate… yes I blame him! Haha!

They tasted OK but didn’t look very appealing… I added some peanuts hoping to pull off a cluster but then they looked even worse… Can you say Happy Poo Day?


With this failed attempt I switched holidays…And celebrated National Cocktail Day instead… with no alcohol.

I tried this recipe for an Orange-Lime Relaxer but had to improvise since I don’t have Sprite. I used an Izze sparkling clementine drink as a replacement and used our Rival Sno-Cone machine to add some shaved ice.

It was a little on the orangy side so the Sprite likely would have tasted better but it was still fun to try.

It looks pretty though doesn’t it?

DSC_0629I made Jeff a Hawaiian Punch sno-cone to go along with the cocktail celebration.


Showing off his icy drink.


This doesn’t really have anything to do with the holiday but we had Costco’s beef hot dogs for dinner. Yes I like a good hot dog… don’t judge…

Anyways, I have spent my life microwaving them – tonight we broiled them!

Who would have thought!? They were perfect – with a nice crisp skin! DSC_0623I guess we can get rid of our grill now (Just kidding).

Even Jack loved it – although all the crispy skin was removed so he wouldn’t choke.


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