In honor of National Make Up Your Own Holiday Day we created Silly Song Day!

When I was a kid my mom would have everyone sing/speak as if we were Opera singers. It made for lots of laughs!

My mom reminded me of this, so with fond memories in mind, I started the morning singing to my boys like an Opera singer.

I wasn’t sure what Jeffrey would think but even he pulled off some adorable Opera singing – requesting more cereal of course! We listened to Opera music on Pandora while we ate breakfast.

As we were out and about today, a trip to Costco, to the park, and a birthday party…


… with chocolate cake…


We didn’t get the chance to listen to many silly songs.

Tonight was a different story though… insert bed in living room, dad and Youtube!

We started with “The Chicken Dance“…


The nursery song Ten in the Bed, … “and the little one said roll over, roll over…” (yes I jumped in there too and it was pretty crazy!)


And 5 Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed – this is Jeff showing us how he bonks his head.


And ended with Shake Your Sillies Out to wind down for bed.

SAM_4246 And one of many attempts at a crazy family shot! I love these boys… Boo too…  SAM_4261

And sorry for the bad pictures! Of course the battery died on the nice camera so… this is how they turned out.

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