I have the most wonderful boys.

Caleb and I took them to the park and then down to the lake to have fun in the sunshine this afternoon.

Jeffrey was riding on a wooden motorcycle and asked us, “do you have to buy it to make it go?” (like a coin-operated ride-on car).


We walked to the water and Caleb asked Jeffrey if he wanted to touch the water. He replied, “no, I want that bird!”


(I will be honest… I hate sand on my feet and was wearing sandals so I watched my cuties from the safety of the sidewalk.)


I’m telling you all this because it was a lovely day! But not as lovely of a night…

It was proven to me that my boys really are set for a 7pm bedtime. Dinner was running late so we didn’t get them to bed until 7:30pm – the problem was as soon as 7pm rolled around Jeffrey had one screaming tantrum after another. It was a disappointing end to the day but between us – Caleb and I were able to deal with it pretty patiently.

During the week though – when I’m alone – I’m not always patient. Long days of hyper Jeffrey and tantrums plus the occasional fussy Jack leaves me drained and impatient! So I am quick to yell – and do it way too much!

I hate it.

I adore my boys. Jeffrey’s attempts at opening a wrapper with his teeth today…


Or Jack’s adorable smile after days of fussy teething…


I always love my boys – But I appreciate them so much more when Caleb is home to help on the weekends.

But I want to enjoy them this much during the week – with less yelling with no yelling at all!

Then I came across The Orange Rhino Challenge – A 365 Day Journey to Yell Less and Love More.  The site reads, “Rhinos are tenacious and vigorous animals who are naturally peaceful, but display aggressive behavior when provoked.” And orange gives off “warmth and energy” – hence the name Orange Rhino.

This is what I want too – to be a mom who is “tenacious and vigorous… naturally peaceful” but instead of aggression to be filled with “warmth and energy.”

I want to be an Orange Rhino!

I am determined to follow through. To change. To be a better mommy – one that doesn’t yell. I’m sure it won’t be easy but I plan to keep you updated with my progress.

I would love to have you join me in this journey to find patience – to “Yell Less and Love More.” I am reading the book and am looking forward to using her techniques to stop yelling.

Right now this beautiful boy is the one who keeps me the most irritated with his antics. I’m sure Jack will soon be joining in.

DSC_0733I want to be prepared – ready to love them more by yelling less so I can fully enjoy them every day of the week!

This process will bring us closer to a simpler and more joy-filled life.

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