Today daddy stayed home while I had a nice afternoon out “alone” for some peace and quiet.

There is a newer coffee shop/ book store I’ve gone to a few times with Caleb. So far I’ve gotten the same drink every time – a White chocolate maple spiced latte – it’s amazing! I chose to go there again for “my mommy break” and tried it iced – mmm… just as delicious!

An afternoon of looking at books and sketching while drinking coffee? Can’t get much better than that!

I was able to go home with renewed energy to celebrate Something on a Stick Day with my boys.

For dinner I put meatballs on a chop”stick” for Jeff…


Then my first attempt at cake on a stick… A.K.A. Cake pops!


My boys loved them…


Especially because they just had a bath… oops!


I have to admit though… as cute and good as these turned out…DSC_0813I would rather skip all the work and just eat the cake itself!

Happy Something on A Stick Day!

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