National Shrimp Scampi Day

In celebration of International Dance Day I put some music on this morning so we could all dance…


You know what happened… “NOOO! Don’t dance! This is MY job!!” said Jeffrey. So our fun day full of dance parties was not very fun.

Jack and I still danced as much as we wanted but it could have been much more enjoyable had Jeffrey kindly joined in. This creepy goofy picture at least made up for it a little…


Before heading out to the library we made sure to don our denim to support Denim Day… but first on our heads!


And a close-up of this beautiful blue-eyed boy!


Then for Zipper Day… Jeffrey made sure to do it all by himself… he is really not always this stern looking!


After what seems like our “daily” trip to the library, we stopped to pick up some ingredients for dinner… shrimp!

The boys were absolutely thrilled to ride in a car cart…


Once we got home we celebrated National Shrimp Scampi Day with exactly that.


In an attempt to eat less carbs I did not serve it over pasta. I have never had Shrimp Scampi before so I don’t know what to compare this too but it was still really good!


Great Poetry Reading Day

In honor of Great Poetry Reading Day I read Shel Silverstein poems to the boys as well as wrote some simple Haikus to go along with what we were doing.

We started the morning with a pancake breakfast and had such a nice time eating and reading stories at the table (sorry for the lack of pictures – we were having too much fun).

Music to My Ears
Laughter, Chatter, Loving Words
Sounds of Jeff and Jack

Before heading out to play in the sun, the boys had a bath, to clean off the stickiness of jam and watermelon.

Splish Splash in the bath
Lots of fun and water play
Dirty Suds, Shiny boys

Seeing as it was the perfect day for enjoying the sun I took the boys outside and we had an outdoor picnic.


Picnic on Green Grass
Hungry little active boys
Mommy loves you so


Warm Sunny Weather
My Joyful Jeffrey and Jack
Mommy is Happy


A Bucket of Suds
Car Washing, Water Splashing
Thank you for the Sun


Drinking from the Hose
Filling a Dry, Thirsty Mouth
Icy Cold Water


National Tell A Story Day

Today I needed to ship off my banner orders so I spent the morning playing catch up while my boys played together.

After lunch, when we finally made it out of the house, I told Jeffrey the story of his day as we were driving.

I told him of a boy named Jeffrey who was such a big helper in the morning, how we saw tons of dandelions on the side of the road, and were now going to go to the Post Office and the Park before playing with daddy in the evening.

I then started a story about Jack and had Jeffrey fill in the blanks.

He repeated the same story but added that Jack saw a big duck and went to the library! So of course we had to make this story come to life!

Once we arrived at the park Jeffrey found a dandelion!


He was very proud! “This one is closed!”


Then we found our ducks…


We made sure Jack could see them too…


Some geese we skirted around…


As we got closer to the park another duck even crossed our path!


Jeffrey did some climbing…


And tire swingin’…




I didn’t want Jack to miss out on the fun so we spread out a blanket for him to play on.


He was enthralled with the wood chips…


And never even moved from the blanket!


Jeffrey needed to go potty and before I could get Jack into the stroller I looked over and there Jeffrey was with his pants pulled down about to pee in the grass…

I did stop him and we went potty at the library instead… in a less public setting! Ha!

This isn’t a great picture (because they move A LOT) but the library has a neat reading den for the kiddos.


After our library visit we fulfilled our Post Office quest…


And ended the evening with breakfast burritos, Siracha Honey Lime Brussel Sprouts and Corn on the Cob (I had a few things that needed to be used up)… after playing with daddy of course!


National Pretzel Day

Following church, a walk (a bike ride for Jeffrey), watering the apple trees and digging up dandelions with daddy (Jeffrey loves these duties) we finally were ready for Pretzel Day!

First we got our mixing bowl out…and the whisk of course…


He whisked the yeast and water…


Added the ingredients and then we kneaded the dough (in the Kitchen Aid)…

We all checked to see if it was smooth and elastic and set it aside to rise.

DSC_1735 (2)

Then we were invited to dinner with Uppa – we had to be fast!

We quickly rolled out our homemade pretzels (of course we have to do this on Pretzel Day)!


Made a snake…


Jeffrey helped twist it up, then I dipped it in baking soda water and laid it out to rise again.


I pulled them out of the oven right as the boys were being loaded up in the van.

Here’s Jeffrey’s cute little pretzel… I’d like to say only his looked like this because he is so young and inexperienced…


But nope… they all looked like little piles of poo… ha! Thankfully they tasted excellent!


We took one in the van to share, so as not to ruin our appetite for a Chinese buffet. They were definitely at their finest while still warm!


Happy Birthday Eeyore

After a relaxed morning with MeMa we packed up and headed to a local Kite Festival to meet my cousin and her daughter.

Sadly the weather was not good! Very overcast and rainy with only off and on wind.

Here we are running trying to get our kites high enough to stay up for the kiddos.


This is my favorite one of Jeff and I running around like mad people…


And this cute one of him trying to keep up…


Adorable Jack sat on the side…


Watching Big Brother try his hand at it…


We were only there for a short amount of time before black skies and lots of thunder started roaring in. We got into our cars just as a big hail storm hit… phew! Barely made it!

Now in need of a place for the kiddos to have some fun – seeing as parks were out of the running – we opted for the Burger King play area and some food.

Cousin Kendall kept trying to feed Jeffrey chicken fries…


And Jack just chilled like a little French Fry King…


Once we were home and settling down for the night we finally had the chance to celebrate Eeyore’s Birthday!

Some extra cuddles with Eeyore…


And his birthday story!


National Pigs-In-A-Blanket Day

Friday I spent the morning fulfilling some banner orders while the boys played with daddy.

He was leaving on an overnight Boy Scouts trip with my brother so I figured I better get some work done while I had the chance.

As soon as Daddy left for his trip we started preparing for a never-before-tried Biscuit Crust Pigs-In-A-Blanket Pizza!

Mixing up the flour for the biscuits…


Cutting shortening like a pro…

DSC_1640 And of course Jack was reading us the directions… “a little more big brother…”

DSC_1644He wanted to help more though so we let him mix some Kix!


Then Jeffrey started the fun ol’ process of crust forming…


About this time MeMa arrived! She would be staying the night with us… woohoo! She suggested giving Jack a little piece of dough to squish around…

Yep, he ate it…immediately… ha!


We moved on to pressing cute little sausages and cheese into the crust… like baby pigs in blankets!


Then some sauce and cheese…


While it was cooking some MeMa cuddle time!


Then our pizza was done!!!


Warning!! Do not try this at home folks… it was weird and salty! Haha!


The watermelon Mema brought for Jeffrey was the perfect balance to get us through this strange dinner meal…


And then!!!! The moment that made this whole strange pizza completely worth it… Jeffrey yelling out, “I FOUND ONE!”


He was so excited he found a little sausage buried in the crust! Now I want to make a pizza again but hide meatballs or pepperoni in the crust so at least it’s more appealing…


Later my childhood best friend, from the 1st Grade, came over with her little boy. We were going to watch Anne of Green Gables in remembrance of Gilbert Blythe (Jonathan Crombie) passing away.


Of course we forgot about it and filled the evening with visiting. We will watch it one day… soon!

And this pants-falling-down-boy…


Just cute!


National Picnic Day

It was a cloudy and cold day so we celebrated National Picnic Day… indoors!

First Jeffrey made us egg salad sandwiches…


Shelled some eggs…


Sliced and diced them…


Mixed it…


Put the sandwiches together…


We bagged up some chips, roasted broccoli (we can do this because we are at home!) and packed up our food.

Here is our picnic spread…


And this is our scavenger…


He refused to sit in his Bumbo and eat so he crawled around stealing our sandwiches…

“Mmm… this is good…”


“Who me? No, this is my sandwich…”


After our picnic lunch we of course had to pretend we were soooo hot! We needed ice cream to cool us down!

If you’ve never had a Super 1 kid’s cone for 25 cents then you are really missing out!

 image (2)

“Please Mommy, can I eat it by myself?”



image (1)