Unknowingly, I picked out the perfect book at the library yesterday for National Crayola Crayon Day… Monsters Love Colors!

A book all about coloring.


To go along with the story I set out empty baby food jars filled with water and rice.


Then we added food coloring to make new colors… like orange.

DSC_0887Jeff thought it was pretty neat! DSC_0896

After our color experiment we prepped for lunch. We have a pad of paper called “Doodles at Breakfast” with step-by-step drawing instructions to make your own placemat. Jeff’s been too young to draw anything yet but I came across a monster and thought it would be a good time to try for Crayola Crayon Day.

DSC_0902He did really well at following along!

DSC_0900Even Jack did some coloring… before trying to eat the crayons.


Following lunch, Jeff helped me make Creamy Swedish Rice Pudding (since we had milk to use up and I had put rice in the jars… as a way to tie it in).


Mmm…our afternoon snack.


Jeff wasn’t a fan but he REALLY wanted to eat the rice from the food colored water. Ick! Jack thought it was yummy though…

DSC_0922In addition to Crayola Crayon Day it was also National Tater Day… so for dinner we had Rosemary Potato Pizza. Yum!


And of course the boys’ ended their day with a green food colored bath!





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