We bought a ferret!!

Just kidding… we went to Petco in search of a Ferret! For National Ferret Day of course!

It wasn’t a very exciting ferret as you can see… sleeping…


But thankfully there were lots of other fun things to look at…like rats and mice…


The boys loved it. I knew Jeff would have a good time but I didn’t realize how much Jack would like it too.


Their favorite was the turtle… it was pretty cute seeing them peeking over the edge of the cart together!


And of course we had to see the fishes!

SAM_4274What a fun and free adventure to do with the kiddos.

It was also PB & J day so we went home for a “toasted” PB & J sandwich with chicken and star soup.


Jeffrey made his own…


I told him he could dip his sandwich in the soup… he may have misunderstood… I turned around to the comment, “I think this is enough…” and his soup was on his sandwich!


In the afternoon we celebrated International Children’s Book Day… reading Have You Seen My Dragon?


I recently discovered Crayola.com has free printable coloring pages so we colored a dragon together.


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