Today was National Walk to Work Day so I got up out of bed… walked down the hall… right into the living room… where all my work begins… normally I drive… ha!

Seeing as we are only a couple days shy of Easter we figured we better get some eggs colored.

Here we are setting up for some fun.


Since Jack couldn’t really participate we gave him a plastic egg to play with… and then a real one and he looked so thankful!


He says, “what is this awesome thing?”


This year we tried egg stencils and they turned out really neat!


Jeff couldn’t get enough of the dyeing part so he kept plopping them back in the dye.


I love his little concentration face… tongue sticking out and all!


After a great afternoon with friends we rushed home to celebrate two holidays before bed!

Number 1: Weed Out Hate: Sow the Seeds of Greatness Day!

To show the importance of weeding out hate you are supposed to go out and pick one weed.


We had Jeffrey do this and I explained to him how hate is like a weed and love and kindness are like healthy grass.

He was very proud!


And the most yummy part of the day… a little treat to celebrate National Chocolate Mousse Day.


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