Today was lovely!

We went to a Saturday evening Easter church service so today we dressed up and spent the day at home.

We started with a yummy breakfast made by Caleb – eggs with kielbasa, garlic and spinach. He is the egg pro in this house!

He read the boys “The Easter Story“…twice at Jeff’s request…


Then Jeff dropped his cream cheese toast on Jack’s head… on purpose. Jack’s not sure what to think…hmm?


After a bath we dressed up those cuties and had a photo shoot… DSC_1136

The pictures weren’t perfect but they were fun…


It finally warmed up “a bit” outside to go on an Easter egg hunt…


And see what our late night jelly bean planting brought us…




Jack loved his Easter “bucket” and kept dumping it out.


While Jeffrey immediately started collecting eggs and candy before searching for his bucket.


After our Easter egg hunt, as Jeff ran around trying to feed us all Whopper eggs, I prepped our afternoon meal.

Chicken and Gnocchi Soup


Homemade Olive Garden Breadsticks


And for dessert… Fruit Pizza!


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