For National Love Our Children Day we decided to take up an invite and bring the boys to a huge, “50,000 egg” egg hunt.


The thought of bringing my little ones to find eggs with hundreds of other people makes me hesitant but I knew Jeffrey would love getting some candy…and they had a petting zoo!


The best part was a Despicable Me skit with awesome homemade costumes!

For lunch we picked up a pizza and headed home.

Our afternoon was planned around a free Leeland concert at a local church. I was really looking forward to it! We invited friends and my mother-in-law came in time to join us… and guess what?

As we were driving to the venue I learned the original website had the date wrong! It was the night before!! We missed it… how disappointing and embarrassing!

So instead we brought the boys to the park…


with Grandma… yay!


We then attended the evening Easter service at church and went home to “plant” jelly beans for an Easter morning “Surprise!”

DSC_1109  I am so thankful we get to celebrate “Love Our Children Day!” I adore my little guys!

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