I’m reading through a stack of non-fiction/ self-help books I picked up at the library.

The first book I read was “The Way of Serenity: Finding Peace and Happiness in the Serenity Prayer” by Father Jonathan Morris.


Father Morris breaks down the Serenity prayer… I’m sure you know it:

“Lord, grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The courage to change the things I can, And the wisdom to know the difference.”

I have always known the Serenity Prayer but after reading the book I’ve come to realize what a simple but perfect daily prayer it is.

There are days filled with challenges we cannot change, caused by other people, our circumstances, weather, etc. To avoid succumbing to it all and suffering through another “bad” day we must accept them, and find the courage to change the things we can…even if it’s our own mindset and how we handle the situation.

Last week I woke up so crabby – even though Jeffrey was in a cheerful mood I felt annoyed with everything he did – both boys were up before 6am and I was tired!

I am doing my Orange Rhino Challenge – to Yell Less and Love More – and being irritable does not help in this “no yell” zone.

I knew the only way I could “survive” the day – especially with no yelling – was to change my mindset. This is when I was reminded of the Serenity Prayer… but in my own words…

“Lord, I cannot change the fact that my boys are up so early, ready to start the day, whether I want to be or not. Help me to make the changes I need to – to get through this day patiently. And give me the wisdom and insight to know when Jeff is being a happy, energy-filled 2-year-old and when he is being a naughty one so I have no regrets dealing with each situation.”

It actually worked. I focused on getting some stuff done to wake me up – while my boys played – and gradually I had some new energy. It ended up being a really fun day… if you read my April Fool’s Day post you will see what I mean!

I like to share the books that really mean something to me. Some books are filled with words of wisdom and it’s hard to apply everything to our lives but as Father Morris says in his book,

“Are you getting wiser as you read? Even if you don’t feel it, my bet is that you are. That’s the way God seems to impart wisdom. He feeds us truth in bite sizes, and even as we are processing it some of it sticks to our spiritual bones and becomes part of who we are. Without realizing it, we begin to think and judge differently. We start to give greater value to important things. We become more patient and trusting in God’s power and will to intervene when we can’t. We become less concerned about what others think of us and more attentive to how God sees us.”

These are the types of things I want to fill myself with. I want to live a simpler life with less of the pointless books I read and the TV shows I watch. I want to fill myself with words to inspire me and to help me grow in Godly wisdom.

I hope you check out this book and enjoy it as much as I do. If you have any good recommendations please share!

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