Today was International Beaver Day as well as National No Housework Day and National Coffee Cake Day! Phew… lots to celebrate!

I honestly couldn’t celebrate the “No Housework Day.” I needed to fold the laundry my boys had strewn about the living room… and vacuum and sweep AGAIN so Jack wouldn’t eat every random crumb or dirt particle he could find… my little puppy.

After going to my Mommy Connection Group we went to the library to find a beaver book.

The first one I found was an informational book – with many negative aspects about beavers. BUT we are supposed to be “celebrating” them today… so I only read the nice stuff about them.

On our way home we stopped at a different library (yes I like to bounce around for a change of library environment) and found the book, The Day-Off Machine. It was about a family of beavers who didn’t have to do chores for a day!

How awesome is that? To find a book representing two holidays. Woot!


At the end of the book all the little beavers had hot cocoa… so of course Jeffrey had to do the same.


I was too tired to actually make coffee cake today so I will share one of my favorite coffee cake recipes with you…  Emeril Lagasse’s Apple Coffee Cake with Crumb Topping and Brown Sugar Glaze.


I made this a couple weeks ago so luckily I have a picture to show for it!

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