Today was exhausting – I woke up crabby and just couldn’t get in the right mindset. I ended up packing up my boys to go to the post office (to ship a banner… yay!), pick up a few things at Costco…and hopefully cheer up some. Thankfully I did!

I wasn’t in the mood to do much cooking today, since we had leftovers to finish, so I was thankful for a simple holiday to celebrate while I did some Spring Cleaning.

Jeffrey and daddy celebrated Draw A Picture of A Bird Day by drawing a “chickadee.”


It was pretty cute watching Jeffrey follow along.


Even Jack was listening…


Jeffrey used his Doodles Pad so he had a new placemat to eat his dinner on… of course he had to have “Chicken of the Sea” to celebrate…


To continue with the bird theme Jeff’s bedtime story was Mo Willems, “Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late.”  He was getting all cozy while daddy read.


I had a chicken wishbone to do with Jeff but we forgot so I did it with Jack instead… isn’t that cute?


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