It was a “fun-filled” morning of Spring cleaning. I cannot believe how many dirty hand prints and marks there are around my house with two little boys living here. I kept thinking I was done – ready to sit down and relax… and then there was one more wall to be wiped down, chair to be scrubbed off or window to clean!

Finally, once the cleaning was FINALLY done, I was able to get started on our holiday celebration with these Chinese Almond Cookies.


I even blanched the almonds… impressive eh?


Jeffrey amazingly took a nap this afternoon so he missed out on the first part of my baking… so Jack kept me company while snacking on a cracker.


I didn’t want Jeff to miss out so I saved a pan of cookies for him to decorate with “naked” almonds.


Perfection…he’s got mad almond placing skills…


I probably should have made sure the dough balls were smoother for a prettier cookie but hey… they still tasted good!


To go along with the Asian theme I made Vegan Sesame Garlic Fried Rice with Tofu and Spinach. It turned out really good!



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