Poor little Jeffrey has been sick for 3 days now so we have been sticking around the house…. meaning it was a perfect Drop Everything and Read kind of Day.

This is how I started my morning… and exactly how I ended my day…


Jeffrey and Jack ended up sleeping at the same time so Caleb and I pulled out The Rival’s For Catan – a 2 player Settler’s of Catan card game. It’s really fun… well when Caleb is not trying to destroy me…

And yes Jack did wake up just about the time we started – he was a happy little guy though!


It was also Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day so I tried a recipe for a White Bean Grilled Cheese – it had a lot of potential but the onion on it was so strong it tasted more like…hmm… an onion sandwich…


I was hoping Jeffrey would eat a little dinner so I made Chicken Noodle Soup – so it wouldn’t be too hard on his sensitive tummy.


Thankfully he did eat a little bit … he seemed to perk up a bit but had a rough end of the night.


And Jack ate some soup too – I hope he doesn’t get sick!


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