Today was a wonderful reminder of how blessed I am with family and new friends!

To give Jeffrey another day to rest I skipped my Mom’s group today – which I really look forward to attending! My friend brought me coffee since I didn’t get to go – how sweet and wonderful is that?

Then this evening my mom came over with pizza! Yay for no dinner planning tonight!

Afterward we celebrated Look Up At The Sky Day – but first Jeffrey had to wave at a car driving by (and yes he dressed himself)…


There he goes… looking on up..


Following our sky watching we moved onto International Moment of Laughter Day…


Jeffrey had a couple of these moments…


And even got little Jackie Bug going too.


For National Pecan Day (I feel like I celebrated this already…recently??) I made a small – 4 muffin – batch of Pecan Pie Muffins.


They turned out pretty good. I still love the pie best but I could see how these get their name!


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