Today was busy but I don’t have many pictures to show for it because I was off on a Mommy Break! Woo hoo!

After an exhausting week I went out for coffee with a friend while Caleb, Uppa (Grandpa), and the boys went out for breakfast and to the park.

We did make sure to have an afternoon snack to celebrate National Animal Crackers Day!

Jack liked them for a bit…then proceeded to throw them off the tray so Jeffrey would pick them up (oh these sneaky babies)…


“Where is it now??”


“I’ve got it Jackie…”


He finally caught on to what Jack was doing and gave up trying to pick them up – as Jack reached for another…


It is also Husband Appreciation Day… since we weren’t together for a big chunk of the day I ended it by making Coffee Ice Cream floats… so good!

Cold coffee with a little half & half – a couple scoops of coffee ice cream – whipped cream – with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top. Hmm…


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