Five years ago, my husband and I, rode our bikes across the United States! We pulled our own bike trailers from Seattle, Washington to Annapolis, Maryland. Can you believe? I still can’t…

Anyways, since that time, I have gone on one bike ride since then… and on that ride I got a flat tire as we were returning home! And that was that… until yesterday for Bicycle Day… Bike Ride #2!

Returning from our ride…


Jack taking a snooze…


Jeffrey went out and rode for a little bit too! What a big boy!


After our ride, MeMa (my mom), came over to babysit while Caleb and I went on a date. For National Garlic Day I set the crockpot going for Garlic Parmesan Potatoes.


While we were away, MeMa asked Jeffrey to show her how daddy looks when he is being “handsome!”

This is what he came up with…


And this… they gave me a good laugh!


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