Today was a celebration of one of my favorite nuts – Cashews! Caleb doesn’t really care for them so it was a special day for me… haha!

I tried a new recipe and whipped up some Clodhopper Inspired Cashew Clusters.

Caleb came home early (and surprised me with a latte – aww!). While the clusters hardened we went on a nice little walk before dinner in the 70 degree weather – yay!


Jeffrey rode his bike down the sidewalks… stopping every 10 seconds to point out “lions” (dandelions). What a cutie.


Then we returned home for Dorito Taco Salad


This boy loves himself some avocado…


And our Clodhopper Inspired Cashew Clusters


With a glass of milk…


This adorable boy gets some extra pictures today…because he is 11 months old!! I can’t believe it!


The pictures make me think, “I’ve gotta cookie, I’ve gotta cookie, I’ve gotta cookie hey hey hey hey!”


Today is also Kindergarten Day. Jeffrey is not in school but I recently received “Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons,” so I thought I would give it a try with Jeff. As I read the intro though, I realized I would need to practice my pronunciation skills before I can start this project with him. So I celebrated Kindergarten Day while whispering the word fuss with no vibration in my throat… this may be a little tricky. I’m excited to start!


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