I had just about every kind of bean in my cupboard – except for Lima Beans! Of course this would happen on Lima Bean Respect Day!

Seeing as the sunshine was out and we had to run to the store – for the sole purpose of lima beans – I figured we should probably have a little fun while we were out and about.

I’m pretty sure my boys would swing all day if given the chance…


Jack does not look very thrilled but he does enjoy it too!


Once home, I got to prepping the lima beans. Since I wasn’t able to soak them overnight I had to do the quick version to get them a little soft.

I’ve only ever made Lima Bean and Ham Soup so I thought I would try something new… like this Iranian dish called Baghali Ghatogi.


I love anything with egg! Hmm! I served this over rice with a side of Naan.


To end our night we put together some lima beans in a wet paper towel and baggy to see if we could get them to sprout!


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