It was a cloudy and cold day so we celebrated National Picnic Day… indoors!

First Jeffrey made us egg salad sandwiches…


Shelled some eggs…


Sliced and diced them…


Mixed it…


Put the sandwiches together…


We bagged up some chips, roasted broccoli (we can do this because we are at home!) and packed up our food.

Here is our picnic spread…


And this is our scavenger…


He refused to sit in his Bumbo and eat so he crawled around stealing our sandwiches…

“Mmm… this is good…”


“Who me? No, this is my sandwich…”


After our picnic lunch we of course had to pretend we were soooo hot! We needed ice cream to cool us down!

If you’ve never had a Super 1 kid’s cone for 25 cents then you are really missing out!

 image (2)

“Please Mommy, can I eat it by myself?”



image (1)

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