After a relaxed morning with MeMa we packed up and headed to a local Kite Festival to meet my cousin and her daughter.

Sadly the weather was not good! Very overcast and rainy with only off and on wind.

Here we are running trying to get our kites high enough to stay up for the kiddos.


This is my favorite one of Jeff and I running around like mad people…


And this cute one of him trying to keep up…


Adorable Jack sat on the side…


Watching Big Brother try his hand at it…


We were only there for a short amount of time before black skies and lots of thunder started roaring in. We got into our cars just as a big hail storm hit… phew! Barely made it!

Now in need of a place for the kiddos to have some fun – seeing as parks were out of the running – we opted for the Burger King play area and some food.

Cousin Kendall kept trying to feed Jeffrey chicken fries…


And Jack just chilled like a little French Fry King…


Once we were home and settling down for the night we finally had the chance to celebrate Eeyore’s Birthday!

Some extra cuddles with Eeyore…


And his birthday story!


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