Friday I spent the morning fulfilling some banner orders while the boys played with daddy.

He was leaving on an overnight Boy Scouts trip with my brother so I figured I better get some work done while I had the chance.

As soon as Daddy left for his trip we started preparing for a never-before-tried Biscuit Crust Pigs-In-A-Blanket Pizza!

Mixing up the flour for the biscuits…


Cutting shortening like a pro…

DSC_1640 And of course Jack was reading us the directions… “a little more big brother…”

DSC_1644He wanted to help more though so we let him mix some Kix!


Then Jeffrey started the fun ol’ process of crust forming…


About this time MeMa arrived! She would be staying the night with us… woohoo! She suggested giving Jack a little piece of dough to squish around…

Yep, he ate it…immediately… ha!


We moved on to pressing cute little sausages and cheese into the crust… like baby pigs in blankets!


Then some sauce and cheese…


While it was cooking some MeMa cuddle time!


Then our pizza was done!!!


Warning!! Do not try this at home folks… it was weird and salty! Haha!


The watermelon Mema brought for Jeffrey was the perfect balance to get us through this strange dinner meal…


And then!!!! The moment that made this whole strange pizza completely worth it… Jeffrey yelling out, “I FOUND ONE!”


He was so excited he found a little sausage buried in the crust! Now I want to make a pizza again but hide meatballs or pepperoni in the crust so at least it’s more appealing…


Later my childhood best friend, from the 1st Grade, came over with her little boy. We were going to watch Anne of Green Gables in remembrance of Gilbert Blythe (Jonathan Crombie) passing away.


Of course we forgot about it and filled the evening with visiting. We will watch it one day… soon!

And this pants-falling-down-boy…


Just cute!


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