Following church, a walk (a bike ride for Jeffrey), watering the apple trees and digging up dandelions with daddy (Jeffrey loves these duties) we finally were ready for Pretzel Day!

First we got our mixing bowl out…and the whisk of course…


He whisked the yeast and water…


Added the ingredients and then we kneaded the dough (in the Kitchen Aid)…

We all checked to see if it was smooth and elastic and set it aside to rise.

DSC_1735 (2)

Then we were invited to dinner with Uppa – we had to be fast!

We quickly rolled out our homemade pretzels (of course we have to do this on Pretzel Day)!


Made a snake…


Jeffrey helped twist it up, then I dipped it in baking soda water and laid it out to rise again.


I pulled them out of the oven right as the boys were being loaded up in the van.

Here’s Jeffrey’s cute little pretzel… I’d like to say only his looked like this because he is so young and inexperienced…


But nope… they all looked like little piles of poo… ha! Thankfully they tasted excellent!


We took one in the van to share, so as not to ruin our appetite for a Chinese buffet. They were definitely at their finest while still warm!


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