Today I needed to ship off my banner orders so I spent the morning playing catch up while my boys played together.

After lunch, when we finally made it out of the house, I told Jeffrey the story of his day as we were driving.

I told him of a boy named Jeffrey who was such a big helper in the morning, how we saw tons of dandelions on the side of the road, and were now going to go to the Post Office and the Park before playing with daddy in the evening.

I then started a story about Jack and had Jeffrey fill in the blanks.

He repeated the same story but added that Jack saw a big duck and went to the library! So of course we had to make this story come to life!

Once we arrived at the park Jeffrey found a dandelion!


He was very proud! “This one is closed!”


Then we found our ducks…


We made sure Jack could see them too…


Some geese we skirted around…


As we got closer to the park another duck even crossed our path!


Jeffrey did some climbing…


And tire swingin’…




I didn’t want Jack to miss out on the fun so we spread out a blanket for him to play on.


He was enthralled with the wood chips…


And never even moved from the blanket!


Jeffrey needed to go potty and before I could get Jack into the stroller I looked over and there Jeffrey was with his pants pulled down about to pee in the grass…

I did stop him and we went potty at the library instead… in a less public setting! Ha!

This isn’t a great picture (because they move A LOT) but the library has a neat reading den for the kiddos.


After our library visit we fulfilled our Post Office quest…


And ended the evening with breakfast burritos, Siracha Honey Lime Brussel Sprouts and Corn on the Cob (I had a few things that needed to be used up)… after playing with daddy of course!


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