In honor of Great Poetry Reading Day I read Shel Silverstein poems to the boys as well as wrote some simple Haikus to go along with what we were doing.

We started the morning with a pancake breakfast and had such a nice time eating and reading stories at the table (sorry for the lack of pictures – we were having too much fun).

Music to My Ears
Laughter, Chatter, Loving Words
Sounds of Jeff and Jack

Before heading out to play in the sun, the boys had a bath, to clean off the stickiness of jam and watermelon.

Splish Splash in the bath
Lots of fun and water play
Dirty Suds, Shiny boys

Seeing as it was the perfect day for enjoying the sun I took the boys outside and we had an outdoor picnic.


Picnic on Green Grass
Hungry little active boys
Mommy loves you so


Warm Sunny Weather
My Joyful Jeffrey and Jack
Mommy is Happy


A Bucket of Suds
Car Washing, Water Splashing
Thank you for the Sun


Drinking from the Hose
Filling a Dry, Thirsty Mouth
Icy Cold Water


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