In celebration of International Dance Day I put some music on this morning so we could all dance…


You know what happened… “NOOO! Don’t dance! This is MY job!!” said Jeffrey. So our fun day full of dance parties was not very fun.

Jack and I still danced as much as we wanted but it could have been much more enjoyable had Jeffrey kindly joined in. This creepy goofy picture at least made up for it a little…


Before heading out to the library we made sure to don our denim to support Denim Day… but first on our heads!


And a close-up of this beautiful blue-eyed boy!


Then for Zipper Day… Jeffrey made sure to do it all by himself… he is really not always this stern looking!


After what seems like our “daily” trip to the library, we stopped to pick up some ingredients for dinner… shrimp!

The boys were absolutely thrilled to ride in a car cart…


Once we got home we celebrated National Shrimp Scampi Day with exactly that.


In an attempt to eat less carbs I did not serve it over pasta. I have never had Shrimp Scampi before so I don’t know what to compare this too but it was still really good!


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