We got together with some newly made friends today. Jeffrey’s new buddy Lane is 3.5 years old. Since most of my friends have younger kiddos this was a nice change for Jeffrey! He and Lane got along so well and played nonstop.

After leaving our friends’ house we made a trip to Costco and then to Great Clips! Jeffrey has been telling me all week he needs a haircut – then suddenly here it is, Hairstyle Appreciation Day. What a perfect way to celebrate… to get my boy a haircut just in time for his 3rd birthday!


After… what a cutie!


We returned home late. While I quickly put dinner together, Jeffrey celebrated Bugs Bunny Day by watching part of an episode. I can’t say he was too interested.

Before long he was making himself a choo choo train…


With a basket on his head of course…


And yes I am sorry for the lack of good Jack pictures! I would take more but sometimes we are in places where I have to hold him and I am taking one handed pictures… or my little Superman PJ clad boy just rolls away from my shots!



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