When I was a kid we celebrated May Day by bringing flowers to our neighbors. This little holiday doesn’t seem to be celebrated much anymore but I still wanted to carry on the tradition with my own boys.

Instead of flowers we decided to make Oatmeal Raisin Pecan Cookies

But first… celebrate Global Love Day with some daddy cuddles!


Then on to some cookie making – whisk the eggs…


With vanilla…


Add the raisins to soak… DSC_1925

Then to make these adorable paper baskets to deliver our cookies in. Jeffrey picked out the papers and ribbons and we set out our supplies.


Paper folding…


Jack watching and snacking.


Then ribbon lacing… he may have had a bit of a melt down right before we got to this part…


With our baskets completed we finished mixing our cookies and started rolling the dough into balls…


Once they were baked and cooled I placed them in our cute scrapbook paper baskets…


Yummy and cute right!?


And off to deliver!

DSC_1941 (2)

House #1


House #2

DSC_1944 (2)

House #3


Jeffrey loved going door-to-door… even going as far as trying to open the last door! Sadly, for him, only one of the neighbors was home but they were very grateful!

We made a batch of cookies for MeMa too but forgot to bring them when we saw her… oops!

Jack skipped his afternoon nap and may have been a little tired…


Jeffrey and I ended the evening reading some stories for Mother Goose Day.


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