This is my Jeffrey Bennett at a week old… they grow up so fast!


As of May 6th, this little man is now THREE!!


Jeffrey’s birthday party isn’t until the 10th so we worked on his Car Banner!


Pushing buttons…


Peeling off the papers…


Lovin’ some paper cuttin’…


He then spread all the paper cutouts out on his little table…


Then Jack awoke from his nap so we put everything away to be assembled later. Jeffrey did some coloring…


Poor Jack wanted to color too…


The day was fun but I had planned to do some special things with Jeffrey for his birthday… like getting a birthday cupcake. Instead I got caught up with birthday planning and cleaning. Mommy fail!

I am thankful for MeMa for taking us shopping at the mall for birthday outfits… but first a snack!


A pretzel with lemonade to celebrate National Beverage Day!


Even Jack was trying to stuff his face with pretzel!

0506151725a (1)

Once we had happier boys we finished up our shopping… this is Jeffrey’s special birthday outfit…he LOVES his long socks!


Jack got a cute and cozy little onesie too… this is not his birthday outfit… he has to wait to wear those!


Then Jeffrey opened up one little present… a bunch of Matchbox cars!


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