After a jam packed weekend of events I finally have some time to catch up on the blog. But don’t worry… we are still celebrating!


I have decided to go back to work on Fridays for the Summer so Caleb gets to A) be Mom for the day and B) celebrate holidays without me!


I think I have a pretty amazing husband that he would do this for me! Celebrating the holidays and taking pictures for me!


My sister just arrived home from Italy. Her husband is in the Air Force and has recently been deployed to Afghanistan. So to celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day my husband actually packed up these cuties and went on a quest for flowers…


Selfie time… “I will NOT smile dad!”


Walking along… this is a nice little historical spot near us with a trail…


Collecting rocks…


A wildflower bouquet!


A success! Auntie Na was sleeping so they didn’t get to deliver them right away…


After going to the store for supplies, the boys’ headed home to work on Mother’s Day gifts for me! Of course I was at work so I did not know anything about this until Mother’s Day of course…


Coloring tissue paper…


A work of art…


Drawings complete…


Wrapping vanilla candles with tissue and wax paper – I had never heard of doing this so Caleb researched this all on his own! Aww…


After using a blow dryer to melt the tissue to the max paper these were the results… so sweet!


While daddy made a dinner (woohoo!) of cauliflower rice and hake – mommy came home!


I don’t have pictures of the yummy meal but here are steamed camas roots Caleb dug up on their hike to try… they had a really weird gooey like texture.


And of course to celebrate National Coconut Cream Pie Day we had to have a slice… Caleb picked up the ingredients but ran out of time to make the pie so I whipped it up while the boys were getting ready for bed. I LOVE Coconut Cream Pie!


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