With Jeffrey’s party on the 10th – I spent the day with my mom and sister shopping for decorations and food! Plus we had TWO birthday parties to go to in between the shopping.

Caleb had to save us by coming into town with both boys to bring the gifts we forgot at home… so we stopped at Starbucks for 50% off Frappuccinos.

MeMa even got Jeffrey a strawberry one that he kindly offered to share with daddy and Jack.


By the time we made it home it was after 9pm and both my boys were amazingly awake! And we hadn’t celebrated a holiday yet!!

First we checked the mail and had a surprise! Jeffrey and Jack’s friend Thayer (and his mommy) sent them birthday gifts since he wouldn’t be able to come to their parties.


Jack got a book that he loved!


Jeffrey got a Mickey Mouse puzzle…


And a Daniel Tiger book too!


They were so happy to get mail! But we still hadn’t celebrated anything for National Lost Sock Memorial Day!

So we decided to party with socks! Helping those lost socks potentially find their “sole” mates…


Yes, I have a container of mismatched socks… a lot of them…


The boys thought this was so fun!


Who would have thought socks could be so exciting…


Finding matches…we were competing…


Jack was stealing socks and stashing them away…


Making progress… lost socks to the left… matches to the right…


Jeffrey even laid in our sock pile…


All mesmerized by his sock!



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