Thursday we came across an odd holiday, Underground America Day. The founder recommends digging a huge hole, putting your house in it, then covering it with dirt… or hanging out in a basement…

We didn’t want to go quite so extreme so we opted to try out a new coffee shop in the area with Auntie Na.


It’s called Vault. This place used to be another favorite coffee shop of ours that moved to a larger location. We loved what Vault did to change the look and feel of the place!


Reading this story (below) we realized how perfect it went along with Underground America Day. The name coming from the history of the place – this old building used to be a bank… and the “vault” still remains in the basement (underground) after all this time!


Waiting for our drinks…


Look at these beauties…


Auntie Na got a Cappuccino… she lives in Italy (I’m jealous) so she needed to compare… lucky for Vault she LOVED it!


I got a caramel vanilla layered latte (something like that)… similar to a caramel macchiato. It was very good – I would have liked an extra shot for a little more coffee flavor but still really enjoyed it!


And sadly there is something wrong with Jack… he will not… I repeat NOT… eat a cheesestick (Jeffrey’s favorite snack at this age). Who doesn’t like cheese?


I sure love my sweet and busy boys! Does he look like me?


After our coffee we stopped at a little shop downtown to look around… I found this card funny!


Once home I figured I better get to making dinner… by making Jeffrey do all the hard labor… hehe…


Beef Pot Pie topped with Cheddar Buttermilk Biscuits…for National Buttermilk Biscuit Day of course!


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