Saturday is the best day for Yard Sales so I left early in the morning to join my mom, sister and brother to find some good deals.

I did catch this picture before leaving – Jack loves playing in Jeff’s booster seat!


I found some great deals for my boys. I wanted a Hot Wheels container to hold Jeff’s new cars and to find him a train track – I found both at the same sale!


This is later on in the day but I just wanted to show you my finds… and how cute Jack is!


We picked up some Veggie plants for Caleb to put in our non-existent garden. Upon returning home, I took Jack with me and Jeffrey stayed with Caleb to build a garden box.

My sister had to bring her computer in to get fixed so me, MeMa, Uncle Zac, Jack and Auntie Na made an afternoon of it.


We stopped at a sushi place in the mall with a conveyor belt that continuously passes by and you pick the ones you want to eat – price is based on plate color.

I don’t have much experience with sushi but none of us were very impressed with the 4 pieces we tried.


After sampling a few things we decided it wasn’t worth any more of our money and left for a little more shopping… and to try out a Chinese food restaurant we had heard was the best in our area – we are always searching!

It was an excellent meal! Yummy egg flour soup…


We tried a Dragon Roll (with eel) and a spicy tuna roll. I had never eaten raw fish before but really enjoyed it! I am craving it now…


And this very fresh General Tso’s chicken, pork fried rice, lo mien and BBQ pork dish. .


We brought Caleb home some dinner and then switched boys – Jeffrey was off to stay the night with MeMa!


Jack played for a bit before we put him to bed…


He always finds funny little places to set up shop…


Since we needed to celebrate something we tried to create a non-alcoholic Mimosa for National Mimosa Day… with orange juice, sparkling cider and limeade. Caleb liked it… I didn’t finish my glass…


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