Jack seemed to be feeling better in the morning so we were able to attend my Mommy’s group (last one until Fall). It was a nice 2 hour break – seeing as the rest of the day would not go so well…


While Jack was napping we went outside for a snack and some sun… it was really windy so Jeffrey put on his jacket to keep warm…


I made this cute journal at the Mom’s group and did a little writing while Jeffrey played…


Then I worked on getting Jeffrey to burn off some energy… run over there…


And back…


And around the tree 10 times!

0519151403c (1)

Then we blew some bubbles with this awesome wand! Have you ever seen or used one of these? If you blow into it really slowly TONS of bubbles pour out. Plus it was windy so it was the perfect combination to re-create a bubble machine!


The afternoon was filled with of lots of crying. Caleb helps my brother at Boy Scouts Tuesday evenings but came home long enough to get the boys in bed for me!

Then Jack woke up an hour after going to bed and would NOT go back to sleep. I was working on finishing the Devil’s Food Cake for National Devil’s Food Cake Day and it turned out sort of ugly…seeing as I was frosting the cake one-handed with my right hand (I am left handed).


He didn’t go to sleep for over 2 hours… sigh…


Finally cutting into this moist chocolate cake…



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