Seeing as it was National Walnut Day – I thought I would surprise my hubby with an Apple Walnut Coffee Cake! I let him sleep in (since he usually gets up on the weekends with the boys) and prepared a yummy breakfast treat!

Mmm! Only I left the sugar out of the cake part… so kind of a let down! Grr!


My Grandpa’s birthday party was in the afternoon – so going along with the walnut theme I made him fudge… with walnuts!

Caleb had only been to my Grandpa’s property once so my mom gave us a tour…


Auntie Na was in a dress and I was in sandals… not the best for walking through the woods…


Carrying two kids and getting a picture was really losing the appeal… haha! Daddy really wasn’t in a bad mood!


Trying to capture a picture of a bee…


When we returned home the boys finished up the garden.


Planting some spaghetti squash… I can’t wait!


Jeffrey picking a spot for the butternut squash (I think)…


Looking good boys!


Jeffrey is not that in to dirt… he was very hesitant to dig a hole. Definitely taking after his mommy! I really try to encourage him to not be that way though…


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