Wednesday, the 20th, it was National Quiche Lorraine Day. I love quiche but the combination of bacon and Swiss cheese didn’t appeal to me so I made two mini ones…


They had heavy whipping cream in them…


Which is probably why they turned out so good! I was wishing I had made two full size ones after having to share these with Jeffrey and my sister!


Even Jeffrey wanted more…


Jack was still very fussy but let me at least celebrate this holiday while drinking his “baa” sitting up (which is no easy feat for him).

DSC_8438After a slow morning/ early afternoon we got to work making a chicken and broccoli pizza.


A layer of olive oil…


Jack watching from the floor…


While the pizza was baking, Jeffrey did some coloring with Auntie Na on his new easel.


Then we left for the Farmer’s Market and brought along the pizza – it was cheaper than buying it there.


Jeffrey fell asleep on the way so he was looking a little unsure of his surroundings…


And Jack was willing to eat a little pizza before tossing it…


Someone thought Jeffrey was my sister’s son… haha!


This is the best Farmer’s Market table… fresh and divine homemade bread!


These $1 rolls are the BEST!


So much for trying to eat the low-carb way…


Jack’s like…”are we done looking at the bread yet?”

DSC_8471After looking at all the booths we took MeMa to try out the new coffee shop I had posted about earlier… Doesn’t this look amazing?

DSC_8481Sadly it was so disappointing… 3 different drinks and they were all let downs. I don’t think we will be returning.

At least I caught this cute picture of Jack talking to MeMa…


Then on to a toy store called Shenanigans. This was our first time stopping by and they serve ice cream, crepes and coffee, along with a big variety of candy.


It was such a neat place to take the boys… “Medusa is that you?”


And my favorite…


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