After a very busy weekend filled with birthday celebrations, we were looking forward to a relaxed Monday… it was wonderful Caleb had the day off!

My mom, sister and brother stayed the night…so Caleb and I could go on an early morning date… I really am not a fan of this picture of me… ha!


I’m so thankful for this wonderful man I married!


Our plan was to go out for coffee but since it was Memorial Day the coffee shop opened later than usual. So we decided to pretend like we were two old men and played chess in the park while we were waiting… yes we are the type of people to carry chess around with us…


As soon as we sat down the ducks and geese really noticed us…


They stopped what they were doing and started to come closer…


And one even closer (all the way up the stairs)… before they gave up and went on their way…


Caleb beat me… not easily… I was doing pretty good until I let him get my Queen… sigh…

So we went back to the coffee shop and shared a Lavender Latte… I was very hesitant but tried it for Caleb and it was so worth it! Mmm… I want another!


I tried to get a good shot… sorry!


Once we returned home we bundled up the boys and headed to our local cemetery to honor the Fallen for Memorial Day.


I’m always thankful for the men and women who have fought for our country but actually going to this ceremony really put things in perspective.


I had never gone to a Memorial Day service before but I will definitely continue to take my children so we can all remember the people who have and will lose their lives so we can have freedom!


After an easy afternoon and evening we had a Strawberry Cream Cheese French Toast Casserole for dinner… to use up some of the strawberry leftovers we had from Jack’s party…


And then a little ball pit fun before bedtime.


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