Have you ever seen the Photoseries of Taped Faces? They are so funny… make sure you check them out before looking at our version…

Since it was Cellophane Tape Day, Auntie Na and I, thought we’d celebrate with some fancy… ugly faces… Jeffrey helped!


I’m pretty embarrassed to post this picture but boy did we laugh while we were doing this!!


It wasn’t quite the same impressive effect but Jeffrey was the best turnout I think!


It’s amazing how a little tape can alter an appearance…


Look at those ears and eyebrows! We stuck the tape to our pants first so it was less sticky when we pulled it off… he enjoyed himself!


After all that fun we had to take the boys to their 1-year and 3-year doctor checkups… poor Jack had to get shots!


I wish Doctor offices had NO TOYS! Lets let every sick kid in the area play with the same toys… I did everything I could to keep him away but he did not want to stay in my lap… so I finally succumbed… sigh…


Later we went to the Farmer’s Market and this is Jack’s, “I don’t want to be in here anymore” face.


It was also Old-Time Player Piano Day so we watched this clip from the old movie “Summer Magic.”

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