One of my favorite places to shop is T.J. Maxx – they have the best deals. I found two thick plastic art jackets for the boys to paint in… definitely a great buy! DSC_8654

While Jeffrey painted Boo the Bear, I made an awesome salad. Baby Lettuce, Salmon, Fried Egg and Avocado… mmm…


After such a yummy meal I had a brilliant idea… put the teepee over the ball pit!


The boys could frolic around as much as they want and for the most part the balls stayed trapped inside without too much spillage…


Unless they throw them out…


Like these little Turkeys…


While they played I made a small cheesecake for National Blueberry Cheesecake Day. It wasn’t as thick as I was expecting…


Jack wasn’t sure what to think… thanks bud…


Ok he likes it…


Daddy came home for a bit before leaving for Boy Scouts and Jack did some pre-bedtime climbing… what a good daddy!


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