Since we stayed the night at MeMa’s house the boys enjoyed breakfast at their little table…


They have the same eating face… haha!


We had an easy morning and then I returned home in the early afternoon with 2 crabby kiddos to welcome Daddy home! While Jack napped Jeffrey picked strawberries from our garden!


Nice and red…


The neighbors must have strawberries growing on the other side of the fence because we have a bunch of berries growing that we didn’t plant… lucky us!


Our berry finds…


Jeffrey’s first strawberry was a bit tart if you can’t tell…


That’s better…


When Jack woke up from his nap he tried some strawberry too… “yuck, what is this?”


“Wait, wait… I think I like it…”


“Yep I do… more, more?”


After our strawberry picking we headed off to a BBQ with friends… enjoying the sunshine…

0531151821 (1)

On our way home I had Caleb swing by the store so we could pick up Macaroons for National Macaroon Day. I didn’t feel like baking after my busy weekend. We went to two stores and the only ones I found were unappealing and expensive… so I bought coconut instead and forced myself to make them…


So worth it… I dipped the bottoms in chocolate and pecans…


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