On May 30th Caleb and I celebrated our 6th wedding Anniversary! I can’t believe how time has flown by!

During college my new friend Taylor talked me into taking ballroom dance lessons for a college credit at a local dance studio. Caleb went to a different school but was taking lessons at the studio for the fun of it. He was asked to be an extra in our class since we were always short on guys…


In my attempts to get past my shyness and be more social I befriended this quiet “blushing” guy… only with the intention to help him be more outgoing… and fell in love instead…


We dated for 8 months before Caleb proposed on his 21st birthday… here we are happily engaged!


Aw the wonderful world of dating… and one of those pictures where I really wish I was as “fat” as I thought I was then! Eek!


We were married 10 months after our engagement – May 30, 2009.


A romantic dancing dip…


Not only did I complete my first triathlon with Caleb…


I also joined him on a bunch of crazy adventures… like taking a white water guiding class (which meant I had to guide too!) as well as summiting Mt. Hood in Oregon (I was the only girl in our group to do this).


Then on to riding our bikes across the United States… all by ourselves… pulling trailers… at 22… from Seattle, Washington to Annapolis, Maryland…


The finish!


Then on to practicing parenting…


Baby #1: Jeffrey Bennett was born May 6, 2012…


And Baby #2: Jack Valentine born May 21, 2014!


We have had a fun 6 years (with lots of pieces missing in this recap)… now we need to plan some new adventures with these cute kiddos!


For our anniversary I actually sent Caleb on a men’s retreat with our church for the weekend. I wanted to give him the chance to have some fun since he is always such a hard working husband and daddy!

To celebrate our anniversary I took out our wedding photos for Jeffrey to look at… he told me, “Daddy is so cute!”


Then we left to spend the weekend with with MeMa and Auntie Na…


Blowing bubbles…


A dinner of clam chowder bread bowls. We didn’t notice until the soup was gone that we forgot to add the clams to our CLAM chowder!  We had a good laugh!


Then out to water some flowers for Water a Flower Day…


Jack helped too but it was a little tricky taking a picture while holding him…he was one tired boy at this point…


After he went to bed, Mema stayed home to watch him, while Auntie Na and I took Jeffrey down to the end of the street to watch a Lantern Festival from a distance…

He wasn’t too sure what was going to happen…


But seemed to have a good time with us… nothing like a good flash in the eyes…


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