After a month of being behind I am finally caught up on posting all these holiday celebrations! Woo hoo!

Today was National Doughnut Day so there were lots of free donut options in the area – only Jeffrey didn’t want one! Definitely proves we have eaten way too much junk lately when my 3-year-old doesn’t want a donut (he changed his mind by bedtime… but it was too late by then).

So instead of getting donuts, my 3 boys went to the park and returned home to run through the sprinkler…


Aw… handsome as can be!


Sweet baby smiles… DSC_9005

And to make up for the fact no one wanted donuts – I picked up my “Mom-gets-a-coffee-because-she-is-working-and-it’s-her-I’m-free-day!” (Even though I spend my day making collection calls…)

Thankfully it was a Maple DONUT latte or we would have all been doomed to stuffing ourselves with unwanted free donuts…


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